Are Platform Perches Good for Birds?

Yes! Platform Perches, or flat perches, offer another perching option for our birds and more variety is a WIN! Read on to see some of the benefits platforms have to offer.


What is a Platform Perch? 

A platform perch is a perch that is flat, versus the normal round perches often used for birds that simulate branches. While there are different variations, platform perches are usually made from wood and include hardware for attaching to your cage wall, just like a standard perch. 


How Do Birds Perch In The Wild? 

When we look at our birds' and parrots' wild relatives and how they perch, we'll see that there is no standard perch size in nature! Trees have branches that vary in diameter, length and structure. Branches will sway and droop. Birds might even land to perch at the top of the canopy, which is mostly thin branches and leaves! 

Ground foragers, like african greys and cockatoos, will fly down to the ground to look for food. During this time, their feet are on a much flatter surface, almost like a platform perch! Teh takeaway? Variety in our birds' perches is key! 

Benefits of Platform Perches 

Platform perches provide many benefits to our parrots and birds and are a welcome addition to the cage. Platform perches provide another option for our birds when it comes to perching, and the more options the better! These flat perches allow our birds to spread out their toes and relax their feet, perfect for birds with arthritis or older birds. Platform perches are also great for handicapped birds who have trouble using a standard bird perch and cannot grasp with their feet easily. Even though technically a perch, platforms also trim our birds' beaks! Most platform perches are made from bird safe wood, so that makes them great chew toys as well!  


A Variety of Perches, Including Platform Perches, is Key 

Platform perches can be just as varied as standard perches! It's important to provide variety when adding perches and platform perches to a cage. 


Platform perches can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. These flat platform perches on the left have a textured surface, providing even more variation for birds' feet and an added toy to keep parrots busy using their beak!


These platform perches feature the best of both worlds! A standard natural perch is attached atop a platform and even includes foraging holes! Adding foraging holes to platforms allows birds to snack on their favorite small foods while they perch and play!


Platform perches can even be found in bird swings! When platform perches are presented in this way, they simulate the swaying branches of trees. Birds often like these platform perches as landing areas after flight. Hanging these types of platform from the ceiling is a great enrichment opportunity for birds and parrots!


+ Platform perches provide variety to a bird's cage 


+ Platform perches are helpful for handicap or arthritic birds who have trouble gripping traditional perches 


+ Platform perches can also be used for trimming beak when birds use as chew toys 


+ Platform perches are great for ground foraging bird species to simulate flat terrain 


+ Platform Perch swings can simulate swaying branches 


+ Platform perches allow birds to spread out their toes and relax their feet 


+ Platform perches give birds a space to play with foot toys 


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Foraging Platform | Bird Platform Perch
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