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Home Parrot Toys As Seen on '@Parrotsrus'
Home Parrot Toys As Seen on '@Parrotsrus'

Parrot Toys As Seen on '@Parrotsrus'

Shop parrot toys seen on @ParrotsRus Instagram page!
Meet Louann @Parrotsrus!
"I am a bird mom for over 30 years on a mission to help improve the lives of birds and the families who care for them!
My mission is to collaborate with the very best businesses who provide best in class product and services that improve the lives of birds.
My vision is to advocate for avian wellness through the four tenets of nutrition, enrichment, behavior and health.
Through living this mission and vision I have created a way to help every bird mom and dad offer a diversity of unprocessed Raw Whole Foods conveniently and affordable through meal boxes delivered in one box to your door!
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I share a lot about our daily life with our flock including my favorite products, challenges and solutions to those challenges @parrotsrus on IG. I am always happy to help others looking for ways to improve the lives of their birds!
One of my favorite companies with best in class and creative enrichment is HootnHollerBirdToys"