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The Bird Scream Silencer Perch

This is the EASIEST and SIMPLEST way to get your bird foraging and moving!

Snack Table foraging toys are EASY to understand for birds, which makes them an ideal toy for older birds or birds who have no experience foraging or playing with toys.

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By placing Snack Tables within the enclosure, we can create ledges or steps for birds to climb, with many nooks and crannies for them to investigate.

The magic happens when you place small treats in the Snack Table foraging holes. Our birds will travel from one Snack Table foraging toy to another, looking for more treats!

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In the wild our parrots would spend most of their time searching for food. By giving our birds back this “job”, we can help prevent bird boredom which leads to things like plucking or over-preening!

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Ditch the food bowls and encourage your parrot to forage with their toys!

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Small American Business

HootnHoller is not a reseller of Chinese made bird toys.

I'm Kate! I'm your personal bird toy maker and fellow parrot owner/crazy bird lady!

Snack Tables are made to order at my pet and smoke free workshop in Alabama. I use the safest materials and stainless steel hardware for our Snack Tables and other bird toys.

HootnHoller is the Original creator of Snack Tables and ours include jumbo washers for attaching to the largest parrot cages.

Beware of copycats who use inferior materials! Thank you for supporting small business!

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More Snack Tables = More Benefits!

An original idea and concept from Kate at HootnHoller, Snack Tables work for almost every sized bird and parrot.

Birds who forage live happier, healthier lives!

More foraging = less screaming or destructive behaviors!

Smaller food servings versus a big bowl = less mess!

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