Large Bird Foot Toy Buckets & Inserts

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Home Large Bird Foot Toy Buckets & Inserts
Home Large Bird Foot Toy Buckets & Inserts

Large parrots from amazons and greys to macaws and cockatoos are loving our Giant Foot Toy Bucket and Inserts!

These sturdy buckets are made int he USA and are BPA free! They include a sturdy mounting board and stainless steel hardware for attaching directly to your cage. Make sure your cage is large enough for these fun additions- we use ours on the outside of the cage!

These buckets allow your bird to use their favorite foot toys and toy parts whenever they like! Just toss any items in you like and mix in a helping of nuts or dried foods - you have an instant foraging fun box that will entertain your bird for hours!

Try our Original Inserts for even more fun! These press down firmly into your bucket and feature removable or shreddable toys attached. Many can be filled with nuts or treats themselves! Try today!

GIANT Foot Toy Bucket | Large Parrot