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Home Foot Toys & Buckets Large Bird Foot Toys
Home Foot Toys & Buckets Large Bird Foot Toys

Large Bird Foot Toys

These large foot toys are are great size for amazon parrots, african greys, eclectus and even small cockatoo species!

Can Macaws and Cockatoos Use These Foot Toys?

In short, yes! Gentle playing and chewing macaws and cockatoos can enjoy foot toys from the large category. However, for very large or destructive parrots, we suggest viewing the Giant Foot Toy category!

Benefits of Adding  Foot Toys To Your Parrot's Toy Arsenal:

  • Helps exercise tired feet from perching all day
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Helps trim beaks
  • Allows a bird to take their toy to a safe place and play, rather than YOU choosing the toy location
  • Encourages parrot foraging and exercise when used in a foraging bucket along with dried food items and other fillers
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