Encouraging Foraging Contest!


At HootnHoller, I believe our animals, not just our captive parrots, should be provided mental stimulation for their wellbeing. Unlike dogs, who have been domesticated for thousands of years, our parrots and other exotic pets are usually only one or two generations removed from the wild. Some of the older parrots in our homes are even wild caught specimens!

In the wild, our birds would spend hours each day looking for food and working to reach that particular food once found. This can often result in miles of flight, brainstorming, and working their beaks, stripping branches etc.

How do our captive birds' routines differ? Well, most of the time we just plop a bowl of food down in front of them, just like we would for a dog!

While it certainly is nice to never have to worry about where your next meal comes from, having that meal readily available can lead to boredom. Once bored and mentally unstimulated, a bird is more likely to exhibit behavioral issues! One of the biggest issues we see involving the food bowl is throwing most of it out to the cage floor!

By providing 'Foraging Opportunities', we can spread out food within the enclosure. This encourages movement and exercise. By using certain Foraging Toys, we can make some food items more difficult to access! In doing so, our birds are more likely to actually CONSUME the food that they worked so hard for, versus throwing it to the cage floor!


There are so many ways we can encourage foraging, that's why I started the ENCOURAGING FORAGING monthly contest. I want to encourage YOU to start providing foraging opportunities for your birds and exotic animals.


Need some motivation?

Tag your Foraging ideas to Instagram with the hashtag #encouragingforaging and @hootnhollerbirdtoys. Posts that I feature on the HootnHollerBirdToys Instagram page will be entered in the monthly ENCOURAGING FORAGING contest!

Loopey, my double yellow headed amazon, will beak-pick a winner every month on the 29th!

The winner will receive a FREE FORAGING TOY from HootnHoller, to encourage them to KEEP FORAGING!

Let's share our Foraging Ideas with #encouragingforaging - by doing so we are creating a visual reference of foraging ideas for other exotic pet owners!