Return Policy & Delivery Info

Return Policy:

HootnHollerBirdToys cares deeply for it's customers and protecting them from the risk of avian diseases.

Because of that risk, we cannot accept returns for toys that have been delivered to you. If a toy doesn't work for your particular bird, please donate it to the nearest Avian Rescue or Sanctuary.

I try to list measurements and sizing suggestions on product pages and provide as much detail as I can on each toy. If you have any questions about a certain toy, or need toy suggestions for your particular bird, I'm here to help! Contact me via or via the green chat/email icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Toys Broken Upon Arrival:

HootnHollerBirdToys will grant a full refund for any toy(s) broken or damaged upon arrival or send a replacement toy as soon as possible. Please report any broken/damaged toys within 48 hours of receiving your package.


Delivery Info:

All toys are handcrafted in a bird-free facility, excluding toy parts, upon ordering. Please expect a wait time of 5-7 business days before your order ships. Once your order ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking information.

*Please note that during major sales or holidays wait time may increase.