Activity Wall Starter Set | Bird Toy Cage Set


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The Activity Wall Starter Set is a great starting point when adding Activity Wall toys to your birds' cages!


  • This mix set is great for people who have multiple sized birds.
  • The Mahagony Wall features 15 foraging holes stuffed with mahagony pods, a fan favorite of small to medium birds.


  • The Snack Bar also features foraging holes for those medium to large birds! Comes prestuffed with vineballs, but you can easily shove in some in-shell tree nuts with a rubber mallet and encourage foraging!


  • The Mini Wood Lover's Wall is a fan favorite of birds from conures to amazons and african greys. Featuring natural ash slices on an untreated pine base, this toy will have your birds wood chipping in no time!

You can also poke crinkle paper or other shreddables in the nooks and crannies of the Mini Wood Wall, adding even more fun!


Your Activity Walls all come with stainless steel hardware, for seamless attachment to your enclosures. Washers are 2"


Made to Order- Snack Bar color may vary from that shown