Beaded Birdie Ball


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This bird toy ball is full of beaded silly fun! So fun to knock back and forth, chew and pull! Your parrot will love the dozens of knots after every made in usa jumbo bead.

Bright, cheery colors invite your bird to play and the paper rope is much safer than cotton.

Your ball toy is strung on a wiffle ball base and includes a quicklink for easy hanging.

We recommend this fun bird toy for medium to large birds like caiques, african greys, amazon parrots and even small macaws and cockatoos. Larger parrots will enjoy this toy as well. Our blue/gold macaw loves this paper rope! Try it with overpreeners and pluckers too!

This is a surprisingly large toy with quite a lot going on!

Need something smaller for conures or cockatiels? Try the mini wiffle ball version!


Assorted Colors; Colors may vary