Big Birds Crunchy Christmas


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This large toy was designed with the large birds in mind that don't particularly chew or play with toys!

Not the prettiest of toys, but birds sure do think it's a lot of fun!

Amazons, african greys, macaws and cockatoos will have fun discovery thick, wide pieces of vegetable tanned leather (it smells so good!) and cardboard tubes loaded with crinkle paper. The tubes are the perfect place to hide any nuts or dried treats!

This toy also consists of cholla logs, crunchy and hollow with tons of tiny holes to investigate with those curious beaks. Stacks of cardboard sheets are an easy thing to shred, while the pine blocks and 12" ash logs provide longevity.

Coconut rope tassels are great for preening and pulling.


This toy is REFILLABLE! You just need strong hands and a sturdy set of pliers to undo the stainless steel wire to reload with more toy parts once emptied.

Toy is very large, measures over 18" long!