Forage N Shred Flowers


Only 7 left!

These huge shreddable paper flower bird toys are great for birds of any size that enjoy ripping and shredding...even foraging! Hide seeds, small pellets or almond slivers in between the petals for more bird fun! I’ve found when I do this my birds play more gently with this bird toy as opposed to just ripping it. It’s fun both ways!

These toys are even more wonderful for a plucker or a bird obsessed with preening. Prevent birdie boredom by providing shreddable bird toys that offer another option besides plucking or preening. The sound of the paper being ripped is also very addicting for the large birds! Our blue and gold macaw loves these!

Alternatively, you can use these beautiful parrot toys as decorations for your cages or playstands. Heck, make them into an indoor wreath!

You will receive (1) Giant Forage N Shred Flower bird toy with leather/sisal strings for tying to your bird’s cage or playstand. We hang ours on our birds’ nets, cages, trees and swings! Hang several in different locations for your bird for lots of foraging, shredding fun.

Your Forage N Shred flower bird toy comes individually wrapped! Great fun for all birds from parrotlets, cockatiels, parakeets, conures all the way to amazons, african greys, senegals, and even macaws!