Bucket Insert Starter Set | Parrot Toy Bucket Inserts | Set of 5


Only 88 left!

Want to try out all 5 of the Foraging Bucket Inserts? Maybe you have a large flock or want to keep your bird's beak busy!

This is the bundle for you!

In order to use these inserts, you will need a HootnHoller Large Foot Toy Bucket.

These Inserts can be pressed down firmly into the buckets, without any hardware!

Now your bird has a new toy! You can still store foot toys and toy parts UNDERNEATH your insert, keeping them clean until you're ready for your birds to use them.


Do you have a large bird who can destroy the HootnHoller Snack Tables?

The Snack Table Insert helps alleviate that problem, since the bucket rim surrounds the edges! It makes your 'Snack Table' last longer!

In this bundle you will receive:

  • 1 Snack Table Insert
  • 1 Flower Forager Insert
  • 1 Max Shredding Insert
  • 1 Wood Lover's Insert
  • 1 Corks N Spools Insert