Cage Shield Guards


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Are you tired of cleaning up outside the perimeter of your bird's cage?

Is poop getting flung at you?

Ever sit down to watch a movie and all of a sudden a giant splash of water sprays you because, of course, NOW your bird decides to take a bath?

HootnHoller's Cage Guards (or Cage Shields) can help prevent messes outside the cage! Simply attach these acrylic guards to your cage with hardware, zipties or whatever else you'd like to use.

Maybe you have a toddler who likes to poke little fingers through the cage bars or have curious customers at your rescue or pet shop? If so, consider placing a large acrylic guard at the front and sides of the cage to keep out unwanted fingers. A custom warning message, such as "Do Not Touch" or "WARNING: I Bite!" can be added to your guards for an additional fee.

Besides saving your sanity and helping to keep your floors clean, these guards can also protect your feathered friends. If you have a dog who comes indoors and likes to get a little to close to the bird cage, place some guards around the lower part of the cage. This will keep any dogs from trying to grab that curious bird who climbs to the bottom of the cage.

Small guards can be placed above food bowls and water/bathing dishes.


You can have your bird's name added or a custom message.


Want a large guard but still need to place perches? Consider adding Perch Holes to your Cage Guards. Holes will be 1/4" in diameter and allow you to attach perches through your Cage Guard.


For a very special touch, I can even engrave a photo on your Cage Guards. If choosing to have a photo engraved, please send me a high quality photo of choice to

Cage Guards are made from 1/8" thick high quality acrylic

Every Cage Guard is made to order; Please allow extra time for order fulfillment