Camping Theme Complete Cage Set


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This 8 piece camping themed bird toy cage set contains everything you need to decorate a fun cage for your medium to large birds!

Activity wall bird toys encourage foraging and movement when you place them lower in the cage.

The Snack Table fire foraging bird toy can hold small amounts of seed or almonds in the 'foraging holes'.

The large chop block foraging bird toy can hold approximately 2 oz of chop or fresh foods for your birds, or use it as an extra seed or toy part dish!

The three firefly foot toys are fun for birds to to toss, fling and crunch.

The hanging cork bird toy is double sides and features 32 chewy corks for birds to gnaw and remove! This unique bird toy is refillable!

This fun bird toy cage set includes:

  • Large Chop Block $22
  • Camping Foot Toys (3) $9
  • Camping Snack Table $22
  • Camping Cork Hanging Toy $26
  • Camping Activity Walls (2) $28 Each = $56