Character Pine Toy


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Here’s a cute bird toy with some character!

Addictive curly straws, 100% cotton rope, 1x3 (1/2” thick) pine rectangles and matching jumbo beads make up this adorable parrot toy. Four cute rubber characters sit at the top of this toy.

*16 pine pieces on each toy - size of wood will determine overall size of your toy.

Sizing Suggestions:

1/4” thick for conures

1/2” thick wood for amazons, greys, Eclectus

1” thick wood for macaws and cockatoos

1 1/2” thick for serious chewers!

Please remove hanging toys when toy parts are removed for your bird's safety, or refill with toy parts. Jumbo Beads are made in USA and can be washed and reused.


Made to Order in Assorted Colors & Characters