Chew-Nut Block | Basic Forager Parrot Toy


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Sometimes a simple bird toy is best!

The Chew-Nut Block is a simple hanging pine block forager bird toy measuring 9" tall and approx 4" wide.

This foraging bird toy features foraging holes on both sides, allowing you to tap in large in-shell nuts with a rubber mallet. Your bird then has to work them out!


Hang directly in the center of the enclosure, away from perches, for more of a challenge!

You can also hang as-is, as a basic Chew Block!


Best for Large Birds, from Amazons to Macaws, but small birds may be able to enjoy this toy as well if you can find healthy size appropriate treats to put in the holes.


For Small Birds you can always opt to just lie this on the cage floor or cage top and fill the holes with goodies!

COOL COLORS shown in photos; RAINBOW COLOR SET will consist of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green & Blue