Christmas Shred It! Ball Toy


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The Shred It! Ball bird toy is a definite favorite of HootnHoller customers and it's easy to see why!

A wiffle ball base features stacks of plant fiber cups loaded with crinkle paper and topped with natural pine slices. The finishing touch is the round wooden wheels and christmas tree cut-outs. Birds love these fun shapes!

An ample amount of crinkle paper has been wedged between all the cups as well, for a unique bird toy that provides maximum shredding fun!

The cordage used in this bird toy is plant fiber rope, one of the safest ropes you can use for birds.

This is a quite large hanging bird toy and is appropriate for most size birds. It measures anywhere from 8x8" to 10x10".

One Shred It! Ball bird toy can last a flock of smaller birds, like parakeets and cockatiels, quite awhile - even months!

Amazons and macaws also enjoy this shredding bird toy; it's one of Loopey's ( a double yellow headed amazon) favorites!

Please note that this bird toy is meant to be destroyed, as toy destruction provides great mental benefit to our birds and gives them a 'job'! Make it more fun by shoving nuts or dry treats in all those nooks and crannies!