Christmas Tree Activity Wall


Available Now!

How bright and cheery! This bird toy tree is perfect for snapping those instagram photos of your bird this holiday season.

Decorate your birds enclosure with this Christmas Tree Activity Wall bird toy, complete with wooden spool ‘ornaments’.

This bird toy is suggested for small to medium birds, no macaws or cockatoos.

Add your bird’s name for a special touch! 

Perfect for gift giving to a new bird owner over the holidays or simply as a way to incorporate your bird in the holiday festivities!

Beautiful oversized Christmas tree is engraved into the fresh pine wall base.


Spools can be refilled.

Sizing suggested for small to medium birds, from cockatiels to amazons, eclectus and african greys. Try sticking twigs in the spool holes! 

This bird toy can be attached directly to a cage wall with the included stainless steel hardware, or it can be propped on the tabletop like a picture frame! The hardware props it up for counter-top play.