Chubby Corkies | Refillable Cork Bird Toy

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 Could it get any cuter? These Chubby Corkies bird toys can be refilled again and again with fun corks... assuming your bird doesn't destroy the block!

Hardware included with Chubby Corkies toys is a stainless steel eye hook, the very best for our birds. You choose your own personal favorite quicklink ( not included with this toy) for hanging.

Don't forget the cork refill packs!

This particular toy features 6 corks on a 4x6 pine base. Perfect for chewing, stripping and crunching!

This toy can be used for a variety of different sized birds. Small birds will leave the block intact and chew the corks, allowing you to refill your toy as needed!

Larger birds will chew the corks AND the wood, keeping their beaks nice and trim while providing mental stimulation.

I would suggest this toy for birds from parakeets and cockatiels, who will keep the wood base intact, to amazons and african greys, who might chew down the base. Every individual bird has varying chewing strength and interest. For example, my macaw would remove the corks on this toy and not chew the wood!