Corkies Pod Wall with Refill Pack | Cork & Mahogany Pod Foraging Bird Toy


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Does your bird love the Mahogany Pod Wall bird toy?

Then they'll love the Corkies Pod Wall bird toy! Fun to chew corks fill up this wall, along with several Mahogany Pods, which small to medium birds just love!

This fun bird toy comes with a FREE REFILL of corks and pods, so you can keep the fun going!

  • When pods or corks are removed, stuff some seeds in the foraging holes for your bird to find.
  • This bird toy is designed to be attached directly to your cage wall, as a space saving toy that invites birds to use parts of the cage they normally would not use!
  • You can even mount the foraging wall upside down on your cage CEILING! This provides an extra level of difficulty.
  • Another great thing about these 'side mount bird toys' is you can use them in carriers while in your vehicle and the toy isn't thrashing about, possibly hitting your bird's head.
  • Cage wall bird toys are one of the safest bird toys you can buy, because there are no cords or chains!

 Measures 9x5"


An awesome way many of my customers use these Activity Wall toys for their birds is simply placing on the counter! This allows you to watch and interact with your bird up close. You can simply prop these up on their hardware like a picture frame stand, or take the hardware out and lie flat!


What fun!

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