Double Crazy Beaded Knots | Preening Parrot Toy


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Our Crazy Beaded Knots bird toy has lots, and I mean LOTS, of plant fiber rope that is perfect for chewing, shredding, preening and pulling!

Cockatoos usually adore these Beaded Knot Toys, as do African greys!

We’ve included a generous length of bird safe rope hanging off these toys, if the ends become too worn from chewing, just snip the rough ends off with a pair of scissors! I recommend heavy duty, sharp scissors for this as this rope can be a little tough!

Birds will enjoy manipulating the jumbo beads with their beaks and maybe even trying to untie some knots. Our blue and gold macaw loves these squeaky rope knots!

This large bird toy is constructed from 12” tall fresh 2x4 pine blocks and bird safe plant fiber rope.

This fun bird toy is also a great foraging toy- simply place nuts in the center between beads, or try carrot sticks!

Wood is fresh, untreated pine. Beads are made in USA and measure approx 1" long, however there are some styles that are smaller as the bead shapes are assorted.

 Made to order in assorted colors