Critter Sandwich Tray | Cage Wall Mount Bird Toy


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Like Hootnhollerbirdtoys’s Critter Sandwich Foot Toys? Tired of your parrot dropping those cuties over and over again?
Pine tray measures approx 6x8”
Well fret no more! Critter Sandwiches now come mounted on a convenient tray!

Four Critter Sandwiches are attached to a ‘tray’ with plant fiber rope and jumbo bead accents. Eight natural wood slices complete the sandwich ‘buns’. Wood slices consist of Ash wood.

  • Attach to the side of your parrots cage with the included stainless steel hardware; bolt, washer and wingnut.

  • Suitable for medium size birds, from conures to small cockatoos and amazons, african greys etc.

Critters and colors will be assorted.

Made to order