Critter Sandwiches | Rubber Character Parrot Foot Toy


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The Critter Sandwich Foot Toy is beyond cute! Sorry Lil Critters!

This medium to large parrot foot toy idea came from my amazon’s love for rubber ducks. He drags them around the couch and even flies carrying them!

I decided I wanted to make him WORK for his rubbery friends! Mean, huh?

The Critter Sandwich foot toy is a foraging toy- can your bird get the cute animal?

Would your bird prefer this in a cage mounted toy option? Then check out our Critter Sandwich Tray foraging toy designed to attach to your cage wall!

Cockatoos and african greys are obsessed with our rubber animals and also highly enjoy the HootnHoller Critter Ball Parrot Toy.

Sandwiches ‘bread’ can consist of pine or ash wood slices. This toy is held together by squeaky 1/4” paper rope, a favorite of the birds here.