HALF SIZE Crystal Bursts Bulk 10 Pack


Available Now!

Crystal Bursts are a Best Seller from 2019! Loved by small birds, these toys feature mahogany pods and pretty crystal beads.


The listing pictures show the Original Crustal Bursts toys - the Half Size are half the length.

Small birds like parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds and parrotlets just adore the natural pods on these toys!

Comes with quick link for easy hanging. Sizes will vary due to the pods, but each toy features four strands with a total of over 20 pretty beads! Beads are made in the USA and string is vegetable tanned leather cordage.


*Mahogany pods may go quickly! Consider a drilled refill pack for refilling your Crystal Bursts. Simply cut the ends with scissors and restring the pods. String fewer pods than originally on your toy, allowing you to tie a knot on the ends.


What else to do with the beads? Restring them with some of your leftover string and use them as foot toys!


What color will you choose? Shown in pictures are "Rainbow" and "RootBeer"