Spiral Dowel Crystal Ladder | Bendable 18" Parrot Ladder for Small Birds


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Often, bird toys for our smallest bird companions are boring, dull and made from unsafe, cheap plastics from China.

Not these babies! These Crystal Ladders are made with the very best materials, because our small feathered friends deserve it!

The base is a stainless steel wire, beads are made in the USA, along with the wooden ladder rungs! You can't get much safer for our small bird companions.

What's the coolest feature of these bird toy ladders? The wire allows you to manipulate them into any shape you desire! For instance, you could hang as-is and it's a ladder. Bend it slightly and it becomes a hanging Hammock Ladder!

Roll it into iteself and secure together with quicklinks- you now have a hanging Ladder TUNNEL!

The stainless wire is pretty good at holding it's shape when bent, allowing you to change this toy's shape multiple times!

The Crystal Ladder is designed for the smallest of birds; parakeets, budgies, parrotlets, cockatiels, lovebirds and conures.

NOT for amazons and larger birds (They will crack the beads).


Ladders measure approx 20" long, feature 8 rungs and include 4 quick links for easy hanging.

Designed to match the other Crystal bird toys for small birds, including the Foraging Houses!