Deluxe Balsa Block | Balsa Wood Bird Toy


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This fun big chunk of balsa wood is loaded with your bird's favorites all on one exciting bird toy!

This bird toy for small to medium birds includes:

  • Corks on two sides
  • JUMBO vine star on two sides
  • TWO thin pine rectangles on two sides (total 4 rectangles)
  • a character cut out on two sides!
  • stainless steel eye hook for easy hanging

This fantastic bird toy will keep birds coming back for more! Hang it in the enter of the cage, away from any perches, for more of a swinging challenge!

For a basic version of this toy, please see our Balsa Block Forager!

 Suitable for parakeets, cockatiels, parrotlets, conures to easy chewing african greys and amazons!