Deluxe Christmas Foraging Gift Set


Available Now!

Not sure what to gift your bird this Christmas? The Foraging Gift Set has those mid range sized birds covered!

Set is sized for: Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus, Smaller Macaw and Cockatoo Species

Your bird toy gift set includes a foraging pan that comes with stainless steel hardware on the side. I suggest placing this in the bottom of your cage and mount it against the cage wall. Then fill with bird toys or treats. Maybe a mix of both! This entices your bird to come to the bottom of their cage, a seldom used space!

You can also put water in your pan for birdie bath time!


  • 1 foraging pan with hardware $15
  • 1 long snack table $12
  • 1 chop block $16
  • 5 festive foot toys $15
  • 1 red pipe bell $10
  • 10 ash wood slices that birds LOVE $6
  • 5 vine logs $2.50
  • 5 cholla sticks $4

a heaping helping of crinkle paper for maximum fun!