`Buffetbord' | Parrot Foraging Feeder Toy | Forager Bird Toy


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The Deluxe `Birdie Buffetbord' bird toy is a feeding station designed to mount to your bird's cage wall.

  • It's a perch and feeder all in one!
  • Alternatively, you can place the feeder on your counter, tabletop, cage-top or even cage floor!
  • Encourage foraging and movement by enticing your bird to climb down to the cage floor and investigate this unique buffet feeder!


  • This deluxe foraging bird toy includes 7 furniture grade pvc cups in assorted colors.
  • The cups are washable and reusable.
  • Put fresh chop in several of these cups, perhaps an almond or two! Tiny toy parts and crinkle paper are fun in this foraging bird toy as well!



This is a bird toy suitable for ALL SIZE birds. Imagine a flock of happy parakeets landing here to forage and play! Larger flocks can spread out and each have their own little bowl.

6” Wide x 12” long with 7 furniture grade pvc feeding cups. Each cup measures 1 1/4” diameter.