Deluxe Birdie `Buffetbord'


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The Deluxe `Birdie Buffetbord' is a feeding station designed to lay flat on your counter, tabletop, cage-top or even cage floor! Encourage foraging and movement, by enticing your bird to climb down to the cage floor and investigate!

This deluxe version includes 7 furniture grade pvc cups in assorted colors. The cups are washable and reusable. These cups have no 'lip' and sit further down in the whole than pant fiber cups; therefore it's harder for the birds to get a grip on these to remove them.

Put fresh chop in several of these cups, perhaps an almond or two! Tiny toy parts and crinkle paper are fun in these as well!



This is a toy suitable for ALL SIZE birds. Imagine a flock of happy parakeets landing here! Larger flocks can spread out and each have their own little bowl.

6” Wide x 12” long with 7 furniture grade pvc feeding cups. Each cup measures 1 1/4” diameter

Add Cage Mounting hardware to this toy, allowing you to mount in your cage. * This toy is too heavy to mount to flight cages; in those cages please place on the cage bottom or cage top, over a thicker supportive cage bar.