Flock Box of Blocks - Mixed Sizes Parrot Blocks



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In this Mixed Flock Box box you will receive:

10 (4x4) Pine Blocks

5 (4x4) Forager Blocks

10 (1" thick) Blocks

40 (1/2" thick) Blocks

35 (1/4" thick) Blocks

30 (1/8" thick) Blocks

BONUS- 5 FREE drilled Ash Wood Slices

for a total of 135 blocks, perfect for households with multiple sized birds, from parakeets and conures to macaws and cockatoos!

HootnHoller Pine Blocks are cut and sanded by me, Kate, in my workshop. Each block has a 1/4" center drilled hole, perfect for sliding over skewers or any bird safe cordage with a 1/4" thickness or less.

Stainless Steel Skewers are the easiest and quickest way to add your blocks to toys! Create a new toy everyday in 10 seconds or less- quick and convenient for you; safe and fun for your birds.

Foraging Blocks have 4 holes that can be filled with treats, such as pine nuts, almonds or hazelnuts.

All Block Boxes are made to order; expect longer processing time for colored orders


5 Ash Wood Slices