Forage N Climb Deluxe


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Inspired by the hundreds of macaws hanging on the side of Peruvian clay banks, the Forage N Climb parrot toy is a cage climbing toy with foraging opportunities abound!

Attaching directly to your cage wall (inside or outside of the cage) provides your bird with a place to search out hidden nuts. I suggest placing natural bird toy parts in the majority of the holes and nuts in only a select few. Make foraging a challenge!

The many holes can also be left empty, your bird’s toes will cling to them while climbing!

Foraging is the act of looking for one’s food, and in the wild parrots spend the majority of their time doing just that!

The sad truth is, most of our birds spend a great deal of time in their cages while we are away. That doesn't mean they have to sit there idly until we return, let’s give them a job to do!

Nervous parrots may also benefit from what I call “wall toys”, toys like this one. They provide a barrier between the cage and the sometimes busy outside human world, providing security for your anxious bird.

I call this foraging parrot toy a Foraging System toy. Buy different sizes and connect them together however you wish. Maybe you want to create an entire cage back wall of Forage N Climbs? I'd love to see it!

I also offer these in natural pine.

This Forage N Climb is approx 16” tall by 12” wide. It is actually two Forage N Climbs on one base.

🦜 Smaller 12” version available- still 12” wide

Pictured is the 16” Version

Made to order; please allow extra processing time for this toy