Forage N Perch Activity Wall


Only 11 left!

This perching Activity Wall system was designed with small birds in mind!

Multiple birds can flock together and perch here while picking at the addicting Mahagony pods on the 'wall'! The perches are uneven, forming a little 'bridge'! How cute!

Happy chirping parakeets came to mind when making this toy, but it would also work well for any small bird; parrotlets, lovebirds, cockatiels and even conures.

The Activity Wall comes with HootnHoller's signature Foraging Holes- once the pods are gone, simply refill or fill with something else. Vine balls fit well. You could also use cork or put a sunflower seed in each hole!

Perches measure approx 4" long and are 5/8" thick.

You Wall comes with stainless steel hardware, allowing you to mount it directly to your cage wall.

Activity Wall dimensions:

4 1/2" tall x 11" long

Perches are assorted colors- may not be colors pictured