Foraging Platform | Bird Platform Perch


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How about teaching our little feathered friends to forage with the foraging platform perch?

Imagine a few parakeets happily hopping and chirping to one another, investigating what’s hidden in the tiny holes! I can almost hear them now!

  • These natural platform perches are constructed of fresh pine cut and sanded to a smooth finish.
  • Stainless steel hardware attaches this 12”x6” platform to your cage wall, inside or out!

I designed this bird perch to be lightweight for flight cages! Hang several at different levels and hide different items or seeds in each one. The little birds will love exploring!

I recommend this perch for small to medium birds like parakeets, budgies, parrotlets, lovebirds, quakers, caiques, conures, cockatiels and other similarly sized birds.

Comes pre-loaded and wrapped - Made to Order