Foraging Fry Snack Holder


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Would you like fries with that?
handpainted with USA made high quality food coloring
A unique foraging feeder for your parrot that's sure to be the 'talk of the perch'!
Foraging Fry Holders come with wooden 'fries' that are removable and can be chewed and tossed to your bird's content.
But wait! Serve up some freeze dried butternut squash 'fries' in the cute holders for a healthy treat!
Two sizes to choose from!
Small features a front toy part - either a vineball or cork
Small is suggested for birds from parakeets to amazons and african greys
Large is suggested for amazons, african greys, and eclectus all the way up to macaws and cockatoos.
These fun parrot feeders attach directly to your cage with included stainless steel hardware.
Small features 1" washers; large features 2" washers