Get Foraging Gift Set | Bird Toy Snack Table Bundle


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Looking for a starting point to get your bird foraging?

This 7 piece bird toy gift set has you covered! It includes HootnHoller's Best Sellers, Snack Tables and Chop Blocks!

These foragers are super simple for birds to get the hang of- any bird can forage! It doesn't have to be hard!

Snack Tables have been used with success upon a variety of bird species (even hamsters!) including: parakeets, cockatiels, conures, patagonian conures, quakers, lovebirds, parrotlets, amazons, african greys and eclectus!

Snack Tables attach directly to the side of your cage; you may place a perch nearby, but most birds perch directly ON the Snack Tables! Fill the foraging holes with dried foods and treats! Snack Tables work best in groups of 3 or move, encouraging your bird to move to look for more food.

Chop Blocks are a way to spread out your bird's FRESH food! They feature a 2 oz removable pvc cup, perfect for placing small bits of fruit, sprouts or chop!

Place several around the cage with different fresh ingredients in each!

This Deluxe Set includes:

1 Original Snack Table

2 Chop Blocks

1 Gnaw-ty Snack Table (Features wooden spools imbedded for chewing)

1 Level Up Snack Table (Original Snack Table with Wood Slice Topper to make getting to the food even more difficult!)

1 Cork Topper for Level Up Snack Table

1 Long Edition Snack Table

a total of SEVEN toys!