Get SnackN’ Kit Foraging Kit


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This fun foraging bird toy kit includes:

  • 2 Large Snack Table
  • 8 Wooden Removable Flower Cups
  • 8 Wooden Wheels

So many ways to use this great toy and for a variety of bird sizes too! Use as is, without any of the toy parts, as a simple forager or toy part holder. Sprinkle dry seeds or mixes in the large foraging holes, even nuts, to encourage lazy foragers to move about and look for food.


For a challenge, lightly tap in the wooden wheels with a rubber mallet! This way birdie has to work to remove the wheels to reach the food.


The wooden flower cups can be removed and used as foot toys. They can even hold a small treat or nut themselves!

Sold Individually 

Snack Tables are green; toy parts are random assorted colors