Gnaw-ty Perch | Foraging Parrot Perch


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The Gnaw-ty perch was designed to be gnawed on! Chewting and gnawing is a great activity for your bird- it provides mental stimulation and relief from boredom. We, as parrot caregivers, just have to give our birds the appropriate things to chew!

This perch is cut from a 2x4 pine board and dyed with high quality bird safe dyes made in the USA. It measures 12" long by 4" wide by a little less than 2" thick.

Your perch comes with 5 foraging holes on each side; 3 on each side are stuffed with wooden spools; the remaining four holes can hold an in-shell nut or vine balls as seen in the photo.

Get your bird chewing and foraging! I like this design because this toy invites the bird to play in a different way- upside down! The bird perches on the flat side of the perch and has to bend down to forage for the food or chew the spools. It gets your bird moving and exercising!


I suggest this toy for medium to large birds, from conures to amazons and african greys.

Your perch comes with stainless steel hardware; washers are 2"

*There will be a perch coming soon with larger spools for the bigger macaws and cockatoos*