Large Hardwood Natural Bridge | Macaw Hanging Gym


Only 8 left!

This natural bridge features ash logs that have very little space between each rung, making it into more of a hammock type toy.

Hang this horizontally in your pet's enclosure to provide a comfortable resting and playing area.

Don't think just parrots for this toy! This hammock was actually designed for an iguana as a basking platform!

Who else could benefit from this unique design? Parrots with leg or foot issues that cause them stability issues, medium to large parrots, rodents and other arboreal lizards!

This hammock can hang in any wire enclosure due to the 4 included quicklinks. This hammock is based off two nickel plated chains.

'Rungs' are 12" long (which means your hammock is 12" wide)

Hammock measures 12 'rungs' long.

Double Length measures 24 'rungs' long and is ideal for larger arboreal lizards' basking platforms and for parrots with a larger area, such as an aviary.