Harvest Double Cork Hanger


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Corks are a bird favorite at HootnHoller right now, They're chewy, squishy and squeaky when chomped in a beak- the birds love them!
This toy allows you to refill your corks as long as your hanging base stays intact. I love the idea of being able to refill toys. My macaw usually takes the corks out one by one and plays with them on his favorite perch.
The base is crafted from fresh untreated pine that is cut, sanded and dyed to order.
The included stainless steel hook allows you to hang with whatever links you like best.
Measurements: Approx 4' wide x 9" tall
DOUBLE SIDED! This toy is stuffed with 32 corks!
Suitable for: Cockatiels, Conures to Amazons and African Greys etc. May be suitable for gentler chewing/playing macaws