Hoppy Easter Block Wall Parrot Toy



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How to celebrate Easter?

With big N bright chunky 1" thick pine blocks with plenty of paper rope knots!

This is an Activity Wall toy, meaning it attaches to your cage wall with stainless steel hardware (included). Why an Activity Wall? It forgoes any quicklinks and chains for attaching toys, making a much safer toy.

Another added bonus of 'walls' is that they can be placed anywhere in the cage- not just hung from above like traditional toys. This means birds will be encouraged to use parts of the cage that are seldom visited!

Toy is suitable for birds from eclectus, african greys, mini macaws and small cockatoos.

If you have a very easy chewing macaw, go for it! Or maybe you have a wood crazy conure that destroys everything? This toy should last awhile! Every bird is different so it's important to know your bird's 'destruction level'.