NATURAL Large Original Snack Table | Best Selling Foraging Bird Toy



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Keep large birds & parrots foraging and snacking!

You’ve tried our regular Snack Table bird toys, why not try our new larger size for your bigger parrots? Our Large Snack Tables attach to your cage using stainless steel hardware, a washer/wingnut/bolt combo.

Our washers are 2, enabling attachment to the biggest of parrot cages. Hide some tree nuts down in the foraging holes, or maybe some natural toy parts, like cork or vine balls. We created the center hole in these bird toys just a tad bigger, allowing you to hide bigger tree nuts.

Sold Individually

Large Snack table bird toys measure approx 6x6" and include stainless steel hardware for attaching to your cage wall. Besides holding tasty dried nuts and foods, Snack Tables can serve as a perch!