Level Up Snack Table TOPPERS


Only 90 left!

Change your Level Up Snack Tables into NEW toys!

TOPPERS ONLY; Must be used with Level Up Snack Table

These fun toppers attach right to the top of your Level Up Snack Tables with the included plant fiber rope. Now your goodies hidden in the Snack Table compartments underneath the topper are even harder to get! OR simply add these toppers when you don't want your bird to get those treats!


The Pegboard Topper features 10 removable pegs that birdie can pull out and toss! Pegs measure approx 2" long and 1/2" thick. These are the same pegs that are in the 'Lil Logs Pack'. You can also use this topper just as is on the counter top for interactive playtime with your bird.

The Bead Board Topper is a mini version of the popular Bead Block toy from HootnHoller, a small bird favorite! Birds will try to work out those little embedded beads.

The Corky Topper features 4 partially embedded corks! If your bird loves mahogany pods, they're sure to love corks as well!

These toppers are suggested for SMALL-MEDIUM BIRDS; such as conures, some cockatiels, parakeets, indian ringnecks to amazons and gentle playing african greys.

Toppers measure approx 4x4"

Small birds may not be able to remove the pegs from the peg board, as they are 1/2" thick.