Lunar Lander Shred It!


Available Now!

The Lunar Lander is made for maximum shredding and destruction and fits well for a variety of different sized birds- IF you have the 'space' for it!

Based off the Best Selling Shred It! Ball, this new toy features even more of what birds love - those thin wood slices!

This toy is based on a wiffle ball surrounded with crunchy plant fiber cups loaded with crinkle paper and topped with large wood slices and wooden grooved wheels. Plant fiber rope holds everything together, our safest rope!

Gently move the wood slices to the side and place dry treats or nuts in the cups below! Now your bird gets rewarded for foraging!

The Lunar Lander is designed to be "Enjoyed and Destroyed" but how long it lasts will depend on the individual bird's size and chewing abilities. Walter, our macaw shown in the photo, is a gentle toy player and this toy will last him quite awhile. Macaws and Cockatoos that destroy toys quickly will likely have this toy gone in a day or two.

Birds like Conures can absolutely play with this toy and it will last them for some time. If you have an aviary or flight cage with multiple small to medium birds, this toy would provide a great ongoing opportunity for them to forage and shred.