Large Forager Wall Block | Snack Wall Foraging Bird Toy


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Keep your medium to large birds moving around the enclosure, searching for food!

Snack Walls foraging bird toys come in bright, cheery colors that are sure to attract your bird. Wedge in-shell nuts in the foraging holes to invite curious beaks over to play!

Vineballs work well in the small holes, as do hazelnuts or in shell almonds.

Pro Tip: Use a rubber mallet to gently beat in nuts even further for more of a challenge!


This toy is designed to be chewed! Chewing and snipping off pieces of wood is great mental stimulation for our birds and it also keeps those beaks trim!

These blocks attach right to the cage wall with stainless steel hardware. Washers are 2" in diameter.

Keep your hardware and buy the refill pack next time to save money!

Blocks are made from fresh untreated pine and colored with a high quality, human grade food dye made in the USA

Measurements: Approx 6x6" square

 Assorted Colors

Holes come EMPTY

Check out the full set for added value