Character Canopy


Only 3 left!

This Character Canopy is perfect for amazons, african greys, small cockatoos and mini macaws. Senegals, caiques, conures and birds of similar size will also enjoy this canopy toy.

This can replace dangerous bird huts and provide privacy for your bird. Simply place their favorite perch underneath!

You get a pine base that attaches to the top of your cage with stainless steel hardware and 10 toys featuring characters, natural wood slices, and jumbo beads!

Toys are strung with safe 1/4” paper rope that birds just love to chew. 5 toys on each side allow an open middle section that your bird can hide in or use to chew at the toys from the inside!

Wood base measures approx 11 1/2” x 9”. The hanging toys are approx 10” long.

As always, supervise your bird(s) with all toys.