Mini Deluxe Activity Wall


Only 80 left!

Mini Activity Walls are great boredom busters for small birds like parakeets, cockatiels and conures.

Your Activity Wall mounts directly to the side of your bird's enclosure with the included stainless steel hardware. Wall bases are made from fresh untreated pine and measure 6x8".

Walls come loaded with addicting curly straws, regular straws, shreddables, characters and thin wood pieces. Walls may also contain fleece or coconut rope/natural sisal for preening.

Every Wall is unique and made to order. Feel Free to request color schemes by simply messaging me via the 'Green Chat Button' at the bottom right of your screen. I will respond as soon as I can.

Want to use this mini version for a slightly larger bird; ie an amazon or small cockatoo?

Simply choose the 2" thick base version of this toy.