Mini Parrot Puzzle | Foraging Bird Toy


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The Mini Parrot Puzzle is designed for smaller birds like conures, caiques etc

5 colored pvc cups with removable lids allow you to hide a sunflower seed or two!

Teach your bird colors, play hide N seek, and teach your bird how to forage!

Designed for counter-top interactive play between you and your bird.

Base is made from fresh, untreated pine and measures approx 8-9" long by 4" wide.

Plant fiber rope 'tops' helps give little birds something to grab onto with their beak, allowing them to pull the lids off and toss!

Remove the lids and use your puzzle as a Buffet Fresh Feeder!

This puzzle features smaller and fewer cups than the Original Parrot Puzzle.

Amazons, African Greys and small Cockatoo species can still use the Mini Puzzle as well.