Nature's Crunch Swing | Macaw, Cockatoo, Amazon Parrot Swing


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This large parrot swing is loaded with natural materials to keep your bird busy!

Pine Forager Blocks, Ash wood slices, Ash 'logs', Wooden Wheels or Jumbo Beads and an all natural ash perch area are just some of the items your bird will discover on this swing!

Strands of 1/4" organic manilla rope invite your bird to preen. What's that? A hidden cavity in the Wooden Wheels? Maybe you can hide an almond there!

Also features HootnHoller's largest 10mm plastic chains; great for rattling or adding even more toy parts to! (each chain link is approx 3" long)


Swing is based on 2.5mm stainless steel chain- Natural Perch measures approx 12" long. Swing sides can be hung further apart in your bird's enclosure to give them a wider area for stretching their wings while on the swing.

Swings are made to order and may vary slightly due to the natural materials.

This swing is reloadable; refill packs coming soon!