Nature's Crunch Toy


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Looking for something a bit more natural?

This fun, woodsy toy features a 12" long natural branch base with cascading natural wood slices! Plant fiber rope holds all the crunchy slices on! Your bird will discover several knots, perfect for working that beak and tongue!


This toy is suggested for medium/large parrots such as amazons, african greys, small cockatoos - to the bigger macaws and cockatoos.

Now, which wood will you choose?

Pine is for our easy chewers and birds who may not play with toys, such as rescue or older birds. They may prefer pine since it is a softer wood.

Ash is a bit harder for our more experienced chewers, and definitely recommended for the larger macaws and cockatoos.


This toy, along with most everything else at Hoot N Holler, is freshly made to order!