Original Cuddle Wall


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Cuddle Walls are designed to be attached directly to your cage wall, saving space within the cage!

Fleece toys can be dangerous- Cuddle Walls are a safer alternative to long, hanging fleece toys. Short, chunky strips ensure no risk of entanglement.

I love to use these Cuddle Wall toys as alternatives to bird huts or tents. Simply attach your bird's favorite perch underneath and they have a cozy area to retreat to.

Cuddle Walls provide comfort and security for your bird by creating a barrier between them and the sometimes scary, outside world. I like this option for feather pluckers or nervous birds, perhaps older birds who came from a rescue situation.

These toys also provide relief for birds who have foot issues. Some birds with feet problems may rest against their hard cage walls. This toy provides a comfortable spot to lean against.


Cuddle Walls can also be used as a foraging toy! The strips are numerous- simply sprinkle seeds or a few nuts deep within the strips.

Your Cuddle Wall can be detached from it's wood base, allowing you to hand wash if needed.

Original Cuddle Wall base size is approx 10x10 but the actual toy itself is much larger.

Made to order; please allow extra time for this toy as each one takes over two hours to make.

Includes stainless steel mounting hardware