Acrylic Beaded Twists 5 Pack


Only 14 left!

1/4” paper rope has been “scrunched” to create a unique twist that makes a very unique bird foot toy!

Add in adorable jumbo beads and knots- voila! You have a fun bird toy sized just right for amazons to macaws.

Foot toys are an important part of a parrot’s toy collection. They allow the bird to take the toy to a comfortable, safe area where they can play versus (a spot chosen by you) a stationary hanging toy. Most larger birds love holding things in their feet and foot toys can satisfy that need.

My amazon, Loopey, flies carrying his foot toys! Place a foot toy bucket or box in several locations for your bird and fill with various foot toys and dry food/treats to encourage foraging and cure birdie boredom!

Crystal Twists are approx 5-7 inches long. Assorted Colors. These are sold in a fun five pack.

*Macaws and Cockatoos may break these beads, depending on the play habits of each bird

Beads may be solid or clear colored